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Welcome to Provident Legal


The mission of Provident Legal, PLLC is simply to help people. Our firm is dedicated to always finding a solution for our clients.

Provident Legal, PLLC has been helping families and communities in the Seattle area to find solutions to their real estate issues. Our team is dedicated to ensure our clients are treated fairly.


We are a firm founded on real estate law, but we have grown to include all matters related to the homes of our clients.

Provident can assist with any property related matter, even if the property is in jeopardy due to bank related mistakes. Provident can assist you with avoiding disaster, and guide you and your family through complex property issues. We have assisted clients with:

  • Property transfer irregularities, illegal liens, and contract disputes;
  • Illegal foreclosures, mortgage fraud, and avoidance of default on loans;
  • Assistance with the sale of properties and property investment issues; and
  • Advice and strategy on avoiiding problems with property transfers and financing.

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